directed by: Shalon Buskirk & Drew Swedberg

produced by: Shalon Buskirk, Nandini Sikand, Drew Swedberg

consulting producer: Tiffany E. Barber

co-produced by: Jenna Azar & Lora Taub

edit team: Shalon Buskirk, Haley Hnatuk, Na’Imah Pope, Drew Swedberg

director of photography: Drew Swedberg

cinematographers: Ayanna Costley, Sophia Echevarria, Drew Swedberg

assistant producers: Haley Hnatuk & Graciela Santana

assistant editors: Nicolás Cadby, Sophia Echevarria, Fatimah Fair, Flor de Maria Selena Caceres Godoy, Matthew Oakes

sound recording: Haley Hnatuk, Drew Swedberg, Jordie Werner

production fellows: Nasheera Brown, Avery Daniels, Rosy Vinod

featuring: Shalon Buskirk, Justice Davis, Deloris Marshall, Roberta Meek, Nika Buskirk, Javonn Lane, Seinna Lane, Jaednn Lane, Najeer Lane

in collaboration with: LVAIC Documentary Storymaking; HYPE; The Parris J Lane Memorial Foundation

generous support provided by: HealthSpark Foundation; The Independence Public Media Foundation; Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation; LVAIC Documentary Storymaking; The Lehigh Valley Engaged Humanities Consortium (LVEHC), a grant initiative funded by the Andrew W. Mellon foundation; MDOCS Storytellers’ Institute; The Philadelphia Independent Media Fund administered by Scribe Video Center with funds provided by the Independence Public Media Foundation and the Wyncote Foundation.