In the wake of her son’s murder, a mother moves into community activism, assembling personal and collective memories to reframe an intimate loss within her city’s haunting legacy of systemic violence. in love, in memory’s quiet, poetic moments converge into a portrait of a woman struggling to love the American city she calls home.


in love, in memory is a visual poem that orbits around the interwoven relationships between mother and son, community and systems, love and violence, and creativity as something that runs deep in both activism and storytelling. The language of our film is attuned to the nature of memories and the desire for return in the wake of profound loss. Our documentary resists a traditional narrative structure in favor of a more complex, sensory understanding of what moments are worthy and what spaces need our attention and re-attention. It prioritizes the story of someone loved with the full force of a mother as something that is always moving, intimate, and carried in the image.

Moving with urgency, Shalon collaborates with poets, historians, and residents to understand a city with a long, uninterrogated history of systemic violence that bleeds into the present moment. The film asserts that the past, carried and shared by Black women, is a critical vessel for the pursuit of a just and equitable future.

As the film merges the interrogative and the poetic, the audience witnesses the dynamic processes that create the film: intentionally shaping a memory of Parris, centering community collaboration, witnessing his mother’s resilience, counteracting traumatizing narrative forces in the media, and interrogating the complicit role of systemic violence. With this approach to our work, we hope to continue the expansion of the aesthetic possibilities of navigating stories birthed in trauma with profound care, respect, and dignity.

in love, in memory is an intentional shaping of a memory that is both intimate and communal. We ask our audience to remember the life of Parris Jerome Lane, the history of a forgotten city, and the perpetual impact of systemic violence in Allentown. The film is a kaleidoscopic witnessing that desires to be seen, heard, felt, and remembered.

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